Whole Body Listening – for the Creative.

The subtle art of Whole Body Listening.

It is an ideal – that we listen with our bodies – not just our ears or our head. Our whole body takes in all that is said and unsaid. Listen to the spaces between the words.

Listen to those empty spaces holding so much depth of experience when on the phone. People are so full of wanting to be heard. Filled with wishing and hopes and expectations and a million and one things.

All in the empty spaces between the words. That empty space can be very full.

Let us hear it all.

And when we do this for others, it makes it easier for us to do it ourselves. We can spontaneously start listening to our own heart’s desire. Our own leanings, yearnings, or sage advice – the one voice we long to hear and actually listen to.

Perhaps as we do it for others, we do it for ourselves. So we can heart hear them and ourselves.

We cannot just know the words by heart – we need to hear what is in their hearts as they speak. As we do this more often, we share the same in kind.

Whole Body Listening. An underrated and overlooked art form that we are all begging others to do for us. Let us be the ones that make this change for us all. Hear with heart and be heard with heart.

Listen to the silence of nature.

Listen to it all.

It is a beautiful life.

In this potent and life-changing workshop, you will be heard and seen in new and different ways. Not only will you open yourself up with this type of listening, but you will also experience improvisation-based exercises, which we will ground with writing prompts.

This work is for anyone interested in deepening their work as a creative. Ideal for any writer, actor, musician, poet, or story-maker. Or anyone else who wants to create their life to be a work of art.

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Summer 2022

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