Writing For Performance


Words alone have no meaning.

Yes, there are emotionally charged words, and specific word choices may inflame some of your audiences.

So, when working on a narrative, the context and relationship matter the most.

During this online class, we will work with some concrete tools that will help to lift your story off the page. And into the hearts and minds of your audience.

This is an ideal class for any creative who wants to experience the interplay between creating the story and turning it into a powerful and impactful performance.

Some of the story-creating tools we will focus on for both the writing and the performance will be:

Point of Entry

Setups / Payoffs

Point of View

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Character’s Voice

Creating Tension and Release

Through Line

This class is for writers and performers who wish to share their work in any medium.

Class begins in early July 2022.

Please use the Book A Call feature on the home page to arrange an online interview before registering for this class.

Thank you.