Getting present to ourselves and our work  That is what my new podcast,  The Creative Present is all about.  This show is about expanding your creative self-expression. And, at the same time getting your projects done.

We start the work by being present. Present to yourself, your process, your current creative project. As well as your inner/outer worlds. The first step is always to be present, so you can do the most potent, powerful, impactful work.  To do this you will want to deepen the following; yourself, your senses, your inner space, your atmosphere, your thoughts, your feelings, and your impeccable intention. All while being present to your own creative impulse in the here and now moment. 

I work with customized techniques to help your creative development and process. Every creative artist is so different.  You have so many skill sets that were born with and talents that are innate to you.  We need to capitalize on these traits first. After that, then you can stretch yourselves as a creative. Develop more layers and facets to your work, your projects, and yourself. 

On a project level, the main work is about the story. Story creating, storytelling, and story sharing. As an actor, writer, director, producer, or anyone involved with any storytelling medium, this work will resonate with you. Because the story is always at the heart of what we do. In art and in life. 

Awareness, sense, and sensibility development is foundational. Getting in touch with who you are and where you’re going is key if you wish to consciously create. These aspects of the creative process tend to be cast aside while working on projects. While side-stepping these steps might be alluring for the short-term goal, it will wind up costing you more in the long term. 

What you are working on here is a merging of the states of awareness as a creative. Along with the proper tools and techniques for the project that you’re working on. This work amalgamates towards one cohesive end. Helping you to complete your projects. Then, get that project out into the world while maintaining your creative development. 

We all need to break old habits that are not in our best interest, creatively speaking.  These old paradigms include; not completing, not starting, getting stuck halfway through, not putting our projects and ourselves out into the world. We all have a propensity towards at least one of these dynamics. 

We want to cultivate a new habit. This cycle of creation we are about to talk about has been around for millennia. It is a cycle that’s based on the natural world, which has three distinct phases: Create, Release, Relax. We create something, we release it into the world, then relax. This cycle is in the natural world. You can see it everywhere. In the microcosm, we do it every single day, every moment of our lives, it is – breathing. When you breathe, there are the same three phases. You create a breath, you release the breath, and then you have a little moment of relaxation. Then, the next cycle repeats itself. This continues on and on and on. In the same way, we have winter, spring, summer, and fall. With this kind of natural process, there is no time, there’s timing, there’s no force, there is a state of being. 

So, no matter where you are in your phase of development, you’ll be tapping into different areas of this work. Some of the practical tools and tips are only there to serve you to get you through the next phase of development. The state of awareness and deepening your creativity is a continual development phase. There are no know limits. When deep in your creative process, you can go beyond what you are working on. You will have the ability to delve deep into your consciousness and experience the creative self in a new way. 

We are always working on both priorities at the same time. Consciously creating the foundational sense and sensibilities as creatives. And at the same time – getting projects completed and out into the world. They might appear to be the classic pair of opposites pulling against each other. From another perspective, they are complementary. Both aspects are asking for expansion and contraction at different times. To birth a baby you will need to have both expansion and contraction. To birth your new creative self, the pair of these opposites is also essential. 

As creatives, the ideal is that you are constantly generating, organizing, and delivering. You want to generate the raw material that you’re going to use to make your project come alive. This raw material needs to come from an organic place within you so it can be a part of who you are as you develop. This will give you the energy that it will take to begin the journey of defining/redefining your project as you go. Then, you have the phase of organizing your project. This is where more tools, techniques, and skills come in. While organizing, you will be making it a sequential project. Then, the next phase. Delivery. Delivery depends upon many factors. What kind of project it is. What medium you will be using. And the technology of the day that will be supporting you. There is nothing like the thrill of having a completed project in your hands. This feeling will help fan the flames of your desire to distribute it to the world. This is the holy grail for all creative artists. An upward spiraling feeling, to be sure. 

How did I begin my journey down this path? I have a very strong background in acting, writing, producing, and directing. I started off doing a lot of theater. I leaned towards the more technique drive aspects. Physical theater, comedy, circus skills, performance art, and the like. While I was proficient in these areas, over the years, I did not find it fulfilling for me to do that kind of work anymore. And so began my longer journey to where I am today. 

I took the road less traveled – I picked the experienced-based esoteric world. While on this path I went deep into the work of breathing, aka, pranayama. I studied with yogis, shamans indigenous healers, and phenomenologists.  I worked with esoteric practitioners that rooted me in a nature-based approach to my creative process.  I took all these discoveries, and I merged them into the work I do today.

The phases of development are of the utmost importance. They are connected to your larger, deeper development as a creative / artist. If you never finish your phases of development, you won’t go to your next level of expression. The ideal is to always keep up with your upward spiraling energy. A large part of this work is to complete your cycles so that you can go up and up in your creative work.  

I am super grateful to have you here. This will be a fun and exciting time for us all. Please come back often – new episodes are being added weekly. There will be a lot of tools and techniques shared here. As well as ways to access states of being and different levels of awareness. 






Send any questions you would like me to reply to and I will do my best to them on the podcast.


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