Dear Cultural Creative.

It is time.

Very much time.

Time to get your project done.

Whatever project choose – the one you wish to share with the world. Now is the time.

When I say share it with the world, I mean anywhere.

Post it on social media, have a worldwide distribution plan, or share it on a fridge in a break room with vending machines.

The idea is to …

Create. Release. Relax.

The releasing phase is critical.

So you can …

LET. IT. GO.  

This will give space for more Creativity to come through you. Then, the next project will pop up when you let go of this project! Keep cycling through them with: Create, Release, Relax.

But … It’s not perfect. It’s not the way I want to see it. It’s not my real vision.

 But… but … but … 

Today, no one cares about how good or bad the iPhone 4 was. We all now enjoy the latest version of the iPhone. No one will look back and ask, What the hell were you thinking when you shared that? In the same way, today, we don’t care what features are on iPhone 4.

Follow these 5 simple steps:  

#1. Have a vision of what you want to create. 

Have a vision. Know that your vision will change. It has to be because you are creative.

When I say “vision,” I also include having a feeling of what you want to create. An auditory experience of what you want to create. A dancing of what it is, or even writing out of the vision of what you want to create.

#2. Create the inner state of being and the external space. 

Focus on creating the inner state of being you need. Then, create the external space you need to do your best creative work.

Do you like everything very zen? Do you like a shabby chic vibe? Do you like an empty dance studio or rehearsal space? What kind of environment do you want to create?

Some creatives might need to start with the external place, which will help them to get into their inner state of being. Either way, create the inner and outer worlds you need to create.

#3. Set yourself up for success.  

This is critical for long-term success. Give yourself an achievable goal that sets you up for your growth.

You do not need to compare yourself with anyone else here. This is for you and you alone. Are you tapping into your Creativity today more than you did yesterday? Are you keeping an eye on your tomorrow?

Example: If you would like to do an hour a day but are sure you can always do 15 minutes a day. Choose 15 minutes. Then on days, you can go longer- go ahead – create more. On days 15 minutes is your maximum, do that and celebrate your victory. You are building up your intentional, conscious commitment to your creative process.

This is the phase where procrastination is going to hit hard. Do not let it. Procrastination is just the fear of you stepping into your full creative power. Yes, you must let go of what others might think or say. Perhaps an old pattern running inside you will have to be shed.

Be of service to your vision. Allow your future to be more compelling than your past. 

#4. Drop the idea of discipline. Engage with “The Sequence”. 

Let go of the idea of being disciplined. The word discipline is connected to the word disciplinarian, which is the one that punishes you. No one wants to be punished.

Instead, look to hint #2. Engage more often with your state of being. Ensure that the environment you have created supports you. Recommit to the sequence of things you do to prepare yourself for your creative work. 

This is not a routine. Routines are routine and will make you feel less creative/alive. Instead, go for the sequence that will fill you up with your creative juice.

#5. Drip Drip Drip. 

Do not stop until you reach your point of release. Stay in your process. Even doing a few minutes a day is working with the Drip Drip Drip method. Water dripping on a rock. Eventually, the soft water cracks the hard rock.

And finally … 

Give your vision a release date or due date, just like when you’re pregnant. You would never give a deadline for giving birth. Instead, gift yourself a due date. Then support the delivery of your beautiful creation that you will share with the world. This will ensure that both of you have the time, food, love, and energy you require to be released into the world.

Do not hesitate. Take this action now.

Pretend, for this moment, that you are the most important person in your life. What you have to share – matters. A lot. People need to hear and see what you have to share.

Stop reading this blog posting right now. Start step #1.  Now.

Yes, it is time to create. Use this mini-outline for now. Later you can customize it yourself. For today – begin. There is great power in starting.

I will not stop writing now – so you can get started.

Or you can pretend that this blog posting goes on for another 15 minutes. Now, use these 15 minutes to do the work instead of reading my words.

It is time to create your project.

Blissfully yours,

Joshua Townshend

PS. Write me AFTER you start and let me know how you are doing.