You are born to be creative. It is an innate and vital expression. You have a bevy of different ways to express yourself and all these ways can be a part of your creative process.

Saying yes to your creative impulses. Saying yes to making your creativity a priority. Saying yes to that part of yourself that is deep, authentic. And saying yes to your creativity is not usually supported on a day to day basis at the cultural level.

So what can you do to have that support? Create your own micro climate where you can go to grow.

And now, you have navigated your way to here. Townshend Studios is a place for creatives of all kinds and stripes to come and get refreshed. An oasis of sorts for some. A fueling station for others. Here you will discover the Nature-Based Approach to The Creative Process. One of our primary tools is:




Some call this the holy trinity of the creative process. It follows the cycles of nature. The tree CREATES a peach. The peach ripens and one day RELEASES (falls) from the tree. Then the tree will RELAX until the next season for the tree to sprout buds. And so it goes on. Season after season. Year after year.

You are like that in your creative process. You create something – a film for instance. After you create it, the film will be released for distribution. You then will rest and rejuvenate yourself. You then begin again. This is an example of a macro cycle of Create, Release and Relax. There are micro cycles too.

Each day is an opportunity to practice this cycle of create, release and relax. Writing a blog for instance. You CREATE the 1st draft in the morning. Revise it before lunch. Then when ready – RELEASE it in the afternoon by posting it. In the evening you might relax and reflect. Then you are ready to do it again in the morning.

Have fun bringing this Nature-Based Cycle of Create, Release, Relax into your awareness as you create. As you increase your awareness of this cycle, see if you feel more freedom and expansiveness. Also notice if one part of this cycle is easy for you and if another part of this cycle is more challenging for you.

Send me a note and let me know how it is all going.

Creatively Yours,