Welcome to the creative presence, a show that’s dedicated to expanding your creative self expression. And at the same time getting your projects done. And I’m your host, Joshua Townshend.

We are doing a short series, a four part series on the creative element. And everyone has a creative element that’s unique to you, as your primary go to. And the best way to check it out is to go to the website, my website, JoshuaTownshend.com. And take the free two minute quiz. And within a couple minutes, you’ll know or you’ll have confirmed your creative elements. And it’s going to be either water, fire, earth or air. So let’s get into the one. That’s all about you. Okay, my fiery little devils, I’m so glad you’re here. So fire is your primary or dominant creative element. I love that. Now, what makes fire unique, what makes fire fire. One of the most interesting things about fire is that it requires two fuel sources to even exist. So as a creative that leads with fire, it’s so important for you to have two things. And those two things are air, oxygen, and a fuel source, some kind of energy that you’re burning. So let’s talk about air. So the relationship between fire and air is vital. Because if you want to fan the flames of fire, you can do so by giving it more air more oxygen by pumping it up. But at the same conversely, if you want to extinguish the fire, you can just withdraw all the air out of the room, and the fire will suffocate. So your relationship to air and what I mean by air I mean ideas, communication, choices, space, right? All those things, you need to have a balanced amount, not too much. Because if you have too much, it’s kind of fanned the flames. And it could make it spread, you make your energy spread too wide, or could actually you know, blow it out. If it’s if it gets really crazy and the fire hasn’t been developed enough. Or if it’s too little, too little oxygen, you can diminish the flame and make it go out. The other thing that the fire element that you need, in order to be your best in terms of creativity is that you need an energy source. You need a fuel source that you’re going to burn with the air. So if you don’t have anything to burn, right, then then fire doesn’t exist in the gasoline combustion engine. You need a mixture of fuel, which is gasoline and air. If you don’t have both of those with that with the spark, right from the sparkplug, then there’s no no engine, and you’re the same way. So what fuel source do you need? That’s really important. That’s, that’s something that’s only you can answer. It’s very customized, it’s very specific to you, you were asking a bit of self awareness here. So what fuel source do you need. So let’s talk about that for a moment that could look like food, it could look like beverages, it could be look looks like time alone, it could look like connecting to music or nature, having some kind of practice that you enjoy. But whatever it is, you need to identify it so that when you start feeling burned out, or you just don’t feel that spark, you can reignite yourself using air and your particular fuel source. The other thing is, is that there’s different kinds of fire. There’s different kinds of expressions of fire. And I want you to start opening up to different ways of expressing your fire element because fire, you know is always connected with the sun. And so we think of people as being warm hearted, or someone’s angry, they get hot headed right. So the fire element, the heat element is all around us. We you know, we go and have fire in the fireplaces, we have a hearth, we use cooking, which is part of fire element. And then if fire element is not balanced, then you can burn your food, right? You can burn down your house if the fire escapes the fireplace you can burn down a house. So it’s really a strong relationship between you finding your balance as fire in your creative expression because heat or fires can draw people right when it’s cold, you know, you will warm people up, people are naturally drawn to the heat. And then of course, if the heat gets too intense, then people run away. So here are the takeaways. Make sure that give yourself a fuel source that you connect with that feeds you make sure that your air element is also taken care of. I’d like you to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. You know, because that’s really important because a lot of fire people can only work for a certain amount of time and then they just, you know, so there’s other kinds of expressions when it comes to a fire, you can be smoldering, you can be smokey, or on the other side, you can be out of control, right? The main thing I want you to take away today is, since your fire element can be such a drawing agent can draw people places opportunities to you with ease and grace. I really want you to start to find that self awareness, that customized balance for you as a human being so that your fire element can start working for you. And when you find that sweet spot, you’ll start to see all kinds of synchronicities, lining up to support you and your creative expression.

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