Welcome to The Creative Present. This show is about expanding your creative self-expression. And, at the same time getting your projects done.

We start the work by being present. Present to yourself, your process, your current creative project. As well as your inner/outer worlds. The first step is always to be present, so you can do the most potent, powerful, impactful work.  To do this you will want to deepen the following; yourself, your senses, your inner space, your atmosphere, your thoughts, your feelings, and your impeccable intention. All while being present to your own creative impulse in the here and now moment.

I work with customized techniques to help your creative development and process. Every creative artist is so different.  You have so many skill sets that were born with and talents that are innate to you.  We need to capitalize on these traits first. After that, then you can stretch yourselves as a creative. Develop more layers and facets to your work, your projects, and yourself.

On a project level, the main work is about the story. Story creating, storytelling, and story sharing. As an actor, writer, director, producer, or anyone involved with any storytelling medium, this work will resonate with you. Because the story is always at the heart of what we do. In art and in life.

Think of this podcast as your re-fueling station.  Your destination to get re-inspired, re-charged, re-newed, so that you can get back to your creative project at hand.  And all while having upward spiraling energy for the true artist you are.


Transcription of episode:

Welcome to the creative presence, a show that’s dedicated to expanding your creative self expression. And at the same time getting your projects done. And I’m your host, Joshua Townsend.

You know, that’s where it all starts creative present, you got to be present, and you got to be creative, and you got to be present to your creativity. So what we do here is we offer a very unique and customized approach to help you develop your own approach to your creative process. Because we’re all so unique, we’re all so different, we all have so many skill sets that we’re born with that are innate to us. And then we need to develop in different ways. So there can’t be a cookie cutter situation, in terms of you’re really going through an authentic, creative process for you and your projects and your work. And we do offer up tools and techniques, very, very wide variety of them based on where you are in your, in your creative process and what phase of develop you’re in. Ultimately, the work is always around a story creating storytelling and story sharing. So if you’re an actor, or a writer, or a director, or producer, and in any medium, because story is at the heart of what we do, along with the tools and techniques that we work with, we also work with the inner state of beings. So awareness, Sense and Sensibility development, getting in touch with who you are and where you’re going. Because that part of the process can be left out sometimes. And what we’re working here is a merging of states of awareness states of being along with the proper tools and techniques for the project that you’re working on. All of this work is really getting to one thing and one thing only, which is helping you to complete your projects, and then get them out into the world. See, we all need to break this old habit, this old paradigm of not completing, not starting, not getting stuck halfway through or not putting it out into the world. And we all have a propensity towards one of these phases. And what we want to do now is do something that has been around for millennia. In fact, it’s a cycle that’s based on the natural world, which is called Create, release, relax. So this idea of creating something, releasing it and then relaxing, is part of the natural world. And you can see it everywhere. In fact, in the microcosm, we do it every single day, every moment of our lives, because we’re all breathing. And when you do breathing, you create a breath, you release the breath, and then you have a little moment of relaxation that continues on and on and on. So in that kind of natural creative process, there is no time, there’s just timing, there’s no force, there’s a conjuring of a state of being. So depending upon where you are in your phase of development for your project, you’ll be tapping into different areas of this kind of work. Now a lot of these practical tools and tips are only there to serve you to get the project done, we tend to really want to focus on what phase of the development process are you in because we’re all in a different place with our projects. And again, our work here is to get projects completed and out into the world. So in general, we have the Create release relax cycle, which is very akin to generating, organizing and delivering. So you want to generate the material, the raw material that you’re going to turn your project into. And that needs to come from an organic place within you. So it can be a part of who you are as a creative being. That’ll also give you the energy that take the long road to get, you know, the project actually completed. Then there’s the organizing, which is where more tools and techniques and skills come in. We are organizing it you’re making it a sequential project based on the medium that you’re working in. And then of course delivery. Delivering it just depends upon what kind of project it is, what medium you are envisioning for it and what the technology of the day is. So a little bit about me. I have a very strong background in acting, writing, producing and directing. I started off doing a lot of theater. I was involved in a lot of physical theater, comedy, circus skills, gymnastics, and I tended to work very technically. So I was technically very proficient. A lot of things I worked with were also required that I be very strong in my technical approach. And over the years, I found that it wasn’t as fulfilling For me to do that kind of work anymore, which put me on a longer journey, which was going into the work of, of breathing. In some worlds, it’s called pranayama, the world of yoga, and I worked with phenomenologists, I worked with shamans, I worked with quoting data shows, I worked with theatre practitioners of a certain ilk, which really rooted me in a more nature based approach to the creative process. And I took all those discoveries, and I merged it with the work that I do here. And this work is now expanding and growing, to help more people to actually focus on their projects, complete their projects, and get them out into the world so that our development, the phases of development, are connected to our development. And so if we never, we if we never finish our phases, we can’t go to the next level. We can’t keep upward spiraling and part of this work is to making sure that people are completing, so we can complete the cycles as we go up and up and up in our creative development. super grateful to have you here. This will be a fun and exciting time. Please come back often, we’re posting several times a week. So there’s lots of tools and techniques and states of being and awareness exercises to work with. Send me a message when you can ask me questions so I can answer them here. Thank you so much, and have a beautiful creative day.



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