Oct. 24th 2022

3:33 pm.

New Moon and Your Creative Flow


Tomorrow is a new moon—another opportunity to begin.


Nature has these built-in cycles of renewal – and so do we. You can learn to work with these renewal cycles of the new moon and other natural processes for your creative work.

As you start new cycles, it is an opportunity to re-visit self-awareness baseline questions like, “Who am I today?” And. “What do I want to create next.”

Building self-awareness of who you are and how you work with your creative process is essential. Self-awareness is an ongoing and ever-evolving process.

Let’s find out more about who you are. As a creative/artist.

You might have some general parameters that work for you when working on projects. But, it is vital to keep in mind that you have your own unique, ever-evolving, ever-changing approach while meeting the demands of your current project. Whatever phase your new creative project is in, your creative process will need adjustments and modifications.


Start a new project under the light of this new moon?


Here are 3 tips that could help you start

or maintain your creative energy flow as you work on your projects.


#1. Time & Intent.

Set your time commitment to a length of time that you could easily achieve daily. Example: Setting yourself up to “win the day” by doing 10 minutes a day for 2 months on your project has more long-term value/impact than asking yourself to do 30 minutes a day and succeeding only half the time.

#2. Make It Fun.

YES. Your creative time needs to be alluring – and making something fun will help set your sessions in motion. Find your way to make your sessions more fun. Music? Light a candle? Do it with someone else that is on a similar journey. A tasty treat afterward? You can start by moving your body to get into an embodied creative state of being. Find the ways that make it alluring and fun for you!

#3. Create Your Space.

Creating a pleasing space for your “creative self” will inspire you to create more. Having a physical space that you enjoy creating can make your creative sessions more enjoyable.


As I look over this list of 3 – one of the emerging themes is making your Creative Time more enjoyable. This is why many of us are drawn to the creative world—making our lives more enjoyable. Yes? Si? Oui?

If you choose to honor this NEW MOON and YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS – do this one thing.


Begin your project. You will feel lighter, brighter, and more enthusiastic – knowing that you are showing up for your creative self.

Let me know how your creative sessions go.

Always keen to hear about your projects and how they are progressing.

If any of the Self-awareness tools we talk about work for you, send a detailed note about your experience.

All my best

Bliss and Beyond

Ya Da ~