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In my sessions with clients, a lot of times people will ask me, I want to go deeper, I want to go richer, I want to have a fuller perspective, I want to bring more to this dialogue to this conversation, what I find is a really wonderful way to do that in your work, is to actually start doing it in your day to day life.

I’ve also noticed a lot of times in terms of especially divisive conversations, how you know, it’s easy to get monologue or to monologue, depending upon what side of the fence you’re on. And what we really want to as artists, as creatives as thought leaders, is we really want to create an environment where conversation can take place where actual actual dialogue, we’re actually someone’s actually saying something the other person is actually taking it in, receiving it, being curious, wanting to know more, and so forth, and to actually create a dialogue, where neither party really knows where it’s going to go, where it’s going to end up.

It’s also known as the art of conversation, especially after, you know, coming out of the times that we’ve just come out of wanting to engage more deeply with more authenticity with more realness, people are finding that their hunger for that kind of act of conversation, dialogue, humanity, ultimately relationship, because that’s how relationships are actually formed.

So instead of thinking about telling a story, think more in terms of relating to the other person and vice versa being open to and actually having a flow of conversation. And seeing where it all goes, it doesn’t really make a difference. If we agree, or we disagree. Whether we think it’s right, or what we think it’s wrong, what we really want to do is we want to be in n be the invitation be the starting point, for a more open free flowing conversation.

And we can’t rely on the other person. So the only person that we can look to is ourselves. So it all starts with ourselves. And we are the creative, so why not write when someone’s telling you a story or someone sharing an experience with them, I really want you to focus on having just one word, just one word at the ready, when there’s an opportunity for further engagement.

That one word is really tell me more. Tell me more. Now I know you’re saying, Joshua, hang on. That’s that’s actually three words, tell me more, I understand. But what I’m trying to communicate with you is, is it’s not about the amount of words it’s about this feeling that you want to create. It’s this feeling of, of an invitation of an openness of an allowing of an accepting what the other person is sharing. And you really want to elicit more by just saying, Please, tell me more, tell me more, share more with me, share more of yourself with me how you think and feel. Because as that conversation starts to roll forward, you have more and more to work with, to shape. And you could say, well, you know, listen to this book, as they say, Tell me more, as I’m gonna say, Tell me more. And all of a sudden, that tells me more actually sounds like three isolated words. And it doesn’t elicit the response that you want. It doesn’t create a better environment for more conversation. In fact, if anything, sometimes you can, you can actually say words in a certain way, like Yeah, okay, well, okay, tell me more. And you can actually stop or cut short a conversation.

So it’s really about having a feeling of that of that. One word that that or that phrase, if you will, and opening up to the other person opening up to the relationship and seeing where it can go. Ultimately, what we’re looking for, is we’re looking to create more connection. We’re looking to create openings in conversations, so that we can allow ourselves and the other person to go and explore and define something new and different that we hadn’t seen before. And sometimes it can be just a small invitation like, Tell me more. Tell me more. I hope you’ll give it a try this week, and I would love to hear how it goes. So please send me a note write me a comment. I’m on all the social media places. Love to hear from you. Send me an email and I You can report back to our, our community here about how it’s going and what what things it’s opened up and remember it’s the art of conversation and having space and allowing to see where something can go. And I ask you, all of us in our in our, in this community to be the change and ask that question. Tell me more and see where it can take you this week.

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