Beyond Reading the Words GOOD!


A common pitfall I hear is when people read material to me, and it’s clear they’re just… reading. But communication, especially storytelling, is about much more than just reciting words. It’s about infusing those words with life, making them resonate beyond the text.

The Power of Real Experience

Think of text on a page as a guide, a map to navigate your story. Those black marks on paper are reminders of your next thought or feeling. They’re not the end; they’re the beginning. When you treat them as such, you can start replicating real life’s power, energy, and emotion in your storytelling.


If you’re just reading words, you’re no different from AI. AI can read words but can’t bring the depth of human experience to them. You must go beyond what’s written to make those words come alive.

Making It Real

Consider this approach with an analogy: Imagine a recipe book. You see a recipe with lentils, onion, garlic, and parsley. If you cut the word “parsley” out of the book and add it to your dish, it’s laughable, right? Because that word isn’t parsley—it’s a symbol telling you to get the herb. You need to see, smell, and taste it to know it’s parsley and understand how to use it in your dish.


It’s the same with scripts. Words like “I love you” or “I hate you” are loaded with meaning based on your life experience. If you just read them, they fall flat. But when you understand them deeply, like how parsley can be a garnish or a core ingredient, you bring real thought and feeling to your performance.

Context and Authenticity

Context is everything. Consider a character who’s a professional chef. They might mention parsley casually, like a laundry list. But someone else might say, “No parsley!” with passion because it evokes a strong feeling.


Understanding this context is key to delivering an authentic performance.
When you approach words on a page as the start of your work, not the end, you can begin to create something unique and extraordinary. It’s about moving from the head/idea to the sensory experience. When you connect with your senses, you open up to new possibilities and authentic discoveries.

Living in an Open System

Remember, we live in a nature-based, open system. Just as we experience seasons and the sun and moon cycles, our creative work should reflect this dynamic, living world. By embracing this natural flow, we can create art that resonates deeply and authentically.

Key Take-Aways 

Words are just the beginning. They are denotations of experiences waiting to be communicated. Whether you’re the writer, actor, director, or anyone involved in storytelling, your goal is to bring these words to life through authentic, sensory experience.


Look at your scripts and projects from this perspective and see how it transforms your work.


We will continue exploring the power of being present and working with various approaches to enhance the work. Until next time, keep infusing your creative projects with natural, authentic energy.


Stay in touch and let me know how it all goes.