It’s a unique and powerful time, unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Now is the imperative moment to move on to your most prized project. If you’ve noticed, I’m ramping up efforts to highlight how crucial it is for us to unleash our creativity in the world. You can no longer sit on the sidelines, hoping for discovery. Those days are over.


Each day, you hold a device in your hand that can reach millions of people, your cell phone.


Your laptop is a portal to share your words, stories, and ideas with the world.


Let this upcoming six-month period, from solstice to solstice, be the time that changes your life. Forever.


But remember, achieving this requires a plan, a vision, and unwavering commitment.

With a vibrant and compelling vision in your heart~mind~soul, you’ll stay focused on your creative journey. Without your vision, you could easily fall prey to catering to others’ needs while neglecting your creative journey. Sure, you might start strong but lose momentum within weeks, falling back into old patterns of comfort. You must nurture your creative fire consistently, keeping it alive and vibrant.


For those with countless ideas, you must make “focus” your ally.


Start with your vibrant vision, select a project, and see it through.


If you do, in six months, you will look back with sheer bliss at what you’ve accomplished because you made your vision your priority.


This isn’t about rigid planning; it’s about crafting a compelling vision that excites you so you can’t wait to wake up each day to see what unfolds.


Your vision must be a high priority—non-negotiable.


Self-awareness is key; identify and address the obstacles that might derail you. Whether you lose faith, get distracted, or fall back into old habits, stay vibrantly committed and alive in your day-to-day choices.


No more “blah blah blah” about understanding your past without moving forward. No more having “aahhaaa” realizations, only for you to keep doing the same old, same old.


If knowledge made you healthy, then every MD would be in perfect health, and every economics professor would be a billionaire. And they are not! So, knowledge alone will not and cannot bring a life-fulfilling experience.


Knowledge alone doesn’t make you creative—action does. Commit your time, energy, money, and focus.


Start with what’s right in front of you. The most practical advice I can offer is to begin where you are, and your path will start to reveal itself.


Here you go:


Action Steps:


1. Create a Vision:

– Develop a clear, compelling, vibrant vision that excites you.
– Make it a high priority and non-negotiable.
– Ensure it’s so compelling that you can’t wait to wake up each morning to work on it.


2. Identify and Address Obstacles:

– Recognize the potential obstacles that might derail your progress.
– Be aware of your tendency to get stuck or distracted.

  • Stay aware and committed to overcoming these challenges.


3. Commit to Your Plan:

– Dedicate time, energy, money, focus, and other resources to your vision.
– Always start with what’s right in front of you.

  • Understand that the first step is always practical and tangible.


4. Focus Your Efforts:

– Choose one project to focus on and see it through to completion.

  • Avoid spreading yourself too thin with too many ideas.

5. Stay Consistent:

– Nurture your creative fire consistently.
– Avoid fizzling/frazzling out after initial enthusiasm.

  • Maintain robust and steady progress so you can maintain your rhythm and momentum.

6. Pitfalls to Avoid:

– Drifting Without Direction:
– Avoid fraying your attention – dissipating your energy without a clear plan.

  • Don’t get caught up in supporting others at the expense of your own work.


7. Staying in Your Comfort Zone:

– Resist the urge to remain in familiar patterns.

  • En-COURAGE yourself to move forward and embrace change.


8. Losing Momentum:

– Don’t start strong only to lose steam after a few weeks.

  • Stay committed and see your projects through to completion.


9. Getting Distracted:

– Be mindful of getting sidetracked by other ideas or obligations.

  • Focus on your vibrant vision and your #1 priority project


10. Giving Up on Your Vision:

– Your vision is your touchstone. Stay connected to it.
– Make it a high priority that you won’t compromise on.




You have two choices in life:


#1. To create your own path and live on your terms.
#2. Wait for someone else to direct your journey.


Neither choice is inherently wrong—it’s about what you want from your life and what experiences you find fulfilling.

Whichever you pick – let me suggest this: Start Now. Yesterday, even.

In the next full moon cycle, we’ll fine-tune our visions, but you can’t refine a vision you don’t have.


Creatively Yours,

Joshua Townshend