Welcome to The Creative Present, a show that’s dedicated to expanding your creative self expression. And at the same time getting your projects done. And I’m your host, Joshua Townshend.

We are doing a short series, a four part series on the creative element. And everyone has a creative element that’s unique to you, as your primary go to. And the best way to check it out is to go to the website, my website, JoshuaTownshend.com. And take the free two minute quiz. And within a couple minutes, you’ll know or you’ll have confirmed your creative elements. And it’s going to be either water, fire, earth or air. So let’s get into the one. That’s all about you. Hello, my earth sentience beings, as I tap into you, My Earth creatives, I can feel my whole spine start to straighten. And I feel a certain amount of structure coming into my life, just by invoking the Earth Spirit. So right away, when I say Earth, I always have that sense of structure. And I also have that sense of, they always say the four corners of the earth, right? So you have stability, structure, anything that you can measure, it’s practical. So the very first thing that someone like you who has the earth as your main creative element, is to have structure structure is irreplaceable. For you, it’s vital for you, it’s important for you, it’s to be embraced for you, some people, some other, you know, combinations of elements, you know, structure comes later for you. It needs to be there in the beginning. In fact, that’s one of your main things to have in order to get to the Yes, which is what we’re going to talk about right now. There’s a strong tendency to be slow, pragmatic, you need people to be patient with you. And you also need to be patient with yourself, by the way, but when you’re working on a project or working towards being on a project, there’s a felt sense that you need to have in place before you get to that authentic. Yes, and I say authentic? Yes, because sometimes you give yeses before you’re ready to give yeses and causes problems later. But in an ideal world, you would have the structure in front of you let the structure inform you, then your five physical senses would take over. And and you would literally feel your way to that yes, or that No, around that project or towards the thing that you’re working on. Because what’s going on is that you’re very centered around the five physical senses. So sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, if you want to get the best out of you in terms of your working environments, you need to give yourself those things that are the most important to you. So some people love to be in five star hotel, some people just like to be you know, casual cozy, some people like to have a lot of earth tones around them. Or sometimes they like just having an amazing view of some sort of nature, whatever it is for you. You need to give that to yourself. It’s not an option, really, if you want to do your best possible work. So getting to that, yes, saying no to ambiguity. And then once you’re on your task on the project, having very clear and distinct objective goals that are very binary, very yes, no. And that’s going to help you more than anything else. So it’s really about for us getting into your organic feeling place, taking the time that it takes you without being pushed from the outside world, that’s also not a good thing for Earth, to feeling to have this sensation of being pushed. If you don’t move Earth, right. Earth is stable. And once you go in, you’re in. Once you say yes, there is no no. And that’s the beauty of it. When you’re playing the long game and Earth always plays the long game. When you’re playing the long game. You’ll always complete it if you’ve authentically said yes in the beginning. So your takeaways are this. Go pragmatic. Make sure that you are in alignment with whatever you are doing. Make sure that your senses are fully involved. Sight Sound, smell, taste, touch atmosphere is key. So you got to give it to yourself and just know that you’re tactile driven, you know you have a lot of feelings. And those feelings need to be honored. Otherwise you’ll be fighting against yourself and you’ll Create a resentful environment see both inwardly and outwardly. So, there is a small tendency for you to be cool and aloof, you know, and so we want to work, we want to work our way towards being a little warmer, you know, in our interactions. And yes, you know, that takes you a long time to say yes, but when you are saying yes to something, be it a person, you know, a project, you know, friends, your loyalty is beyond the beyond. So your takeaways are this patience, you need to be able to ask other people to be patient with you. And at the same time, you need to be patient with yourself, if I were just to give one that would be it. Patience, patience, patience, allow, allow, allow, give yourself the time and space, you need to do what you need to do, and not feel manipulated by the outside world. And number two, authentically, through felt sense through feeling through the five physical senses, get to your choices that you’re going to make that way, you you won’t do your best getting it through the intellect, it needs to come through the feeling sense, if you go through the feeling sense, the likelihood of having, you know, regret or resentment is been minimized. And lastly, and this is the fun one is to actually have the sensation of inward relaxation, as if you’re lying on memory foam. So you know that that that thing where you drop in, and then the foam kind of hold you and you know, yeah, holds you there. But it also has a memory of you. And because of that memory, it allows you to go a little deeper and a little deeper and there’s more and more relaxation, the body can just let go more and more and more deeper, deeper, deeper, that and then have like a weighted blanket over you at that time. Oh my gosh. And then just let your five physical senses go to wherever they need to go, sights, sound, smell, taste, touch, you will be in your optimum space for creativity. You will be in you’re in the dynamic that you need to be in to feel fully alive. And then from there. Literally, the sky’s the limit. And I say that in a very grounded way.

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