Welcome to The Creative Present , a show that’s dedicated to expanding your creative self expression. And at the same time getting your projects done. And I’m your host, Joshua Townshend.

There is this innate desire to be creative. And this desire, this lust, this passion, this excitement, this ferocity, to create is beyond time and space, it’s, it’s part of who we are. And because of that, we want to create something new, something different, that sparks someone alive, and, you know, makes them turn their head or makes them pick themselves up and notice things in a deeper, richer, more amazing way. I say yes to all of that, with the understanding that what we’re really doing is how you tell your story, how the scene goes, how you play, or act, your part, etc, etc. It’s always about how, and a lot of people spent a lot of time working on what, what is important. It’s not to be minimized. What needs to be tended to what happens? What’s going on? What’s the event? What’s the choice point? What are all these things, right? So the what happens, where our creativity really has an opportunity to surge up into carve new areas, is really in the How To give an example to make it concrete is in every story, there’s always going to be an event. And I feel that people spend a lot of time trying to push away from the event trying to to do something new or something different. And that’s not where you’re going to get the best bang for your buck, you’re not going to get the best return on your investment in terms of investing your your your creative energy, what you want to do is you want to focus on how so there’s always going to be a wedding, there’s always going to be a funeral, there’s always going to be a milestone birthday, there’s always going to be the first day or the last day of work, or the first date or the last date, or the day after the divorce. You know, the big breakup, there’s always going to be the culminating fight between the two heavyweight champions, there’s always going to be the beauty pageant, there’s always going to be there’s always going to be an event driving something or starting something. Yes, you can make it special, you can make it like a pie eating contest in the outback of Alaska, making it very specific and very real and very nuanced. All those things are wonderful. But what you really want to focus on where you’re going to get the most long term payoff and excitement and fodder for your creativity is really carving into how, how does this scene play out? How do these characters act and react to each other? We have layers of nuance, and a bevy of characteristic traits and idiosyncrasies that we can combine together to make the how a super creative endeavor to make this most unique experience and that that is my hope for you for today is to go deep on what you’ve already created. Because that’s your what you’ve already created that and really carve into some new and unexpected and, and exciting and rich and enlivening ways of how how your story unfolds, how the scene plays out, wishing you the very best of all things in all ways, and have a super creative day. Thank you for listening. If you love what you’re listening to please subscribe and then share with fellow creatives. For more, go to JoshuaTownshend.com



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